About ME


I have been a Professional Disciplinarian for more than fifteen years. During that time I have developed an expertise in the proper application of domestic punishment for naughty adult boys and girls, or for those who fantasize about discipline role play and wish to experience the reality of their dreams.

I will have more to say about this in the SESSIONS section of this site. For the moment, however, I will emphasize that I am about Consensual Domestic Punishment with Adults. I slap, spank, paddle, strap, cane, and whip. I do not have sex of any sort with any of my visitors. There will be no sexual contact between us. Nor will you be permitted to self-indulge. I will never appear naked or sexually displayed at anytime for you. This is about good, old fashioned discipline. Nothing more. I am a forty-something female residing in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I am physically fit, trim, and attractive; well educated and intelligent with a firm, controlling, no-nonsense approach to the discipline you desire and deserve.

You may arrange for an appointment if you are vacationing in the Ft. Lauderdale area or if you are here on business. My studio is quite convenient to Ft Lauderdale International Airport and not very far from airports in Miami and Palm Beach. Our first Session will always be in my studio. Please do not contact me for an appointment unless you have made definite travel plans. Local residents are also welcome, of course.


Before you even ask…NO…I am not a switch! Don’t bother asking.